If it is a purely financial issue, such as job loss or other sudden loss of income or increase in

expenses, we sincerely hope you are back on your feet soon, and if there is some way for us to help,

please don’t hesitate to ask. While we have a very limited scope as a political party, we can assist

you in getting in touch with people in government who might be able to help.

On the other hand, if the reason you cancelled your payment involves something we did or didn’t do,

we would be most grateful if you let us now so that we can make the necessary adjustments, if


We truly cannot help like-minded individuals in their quest to represent you as Democratic candidates

for office without the generosity of our fellow Democrats like you. If we are not meeting your

expectations, we want to correct that as quickly as possible. We truly value your input as a vital tool

in shaping our actions and our message.

Please use the link below to contact us and share your thoughts or concerns:

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