There are many ways to contribute to the Easton Area Democratic Party. You can donate money or goods or attend fundraising events. You can volunteer. You can become a Democratic Committee Person.


If you wish to help by making a donation or attending fundraising events, please read more here. You can read more about volunteering or becoming a Committee Person below.


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You may already participate in our political system by voting, writing letters to the editor, or donating to campaigns. You do not need to be a Democratic Committee person to volunteer with the EADC. However, we hope each Committee Person will volunteer in the ways listed below. As a volunteer with the EADC, we have several key roles: Canvasser, Phone Banker, Data Manager, Hospitality Host, and event Captain.



Canvassing voting precincts regularly is an important part of voter outreach. People will remember that someone took the time to come to their house. When we canvass, we register new voters, ask people to sign candidate petitions, distribute literature for candidates, and remind them to get out and vote. As a Committee Person, this is a good way to introduce yourself to voters in your precinct. Data Managers provide a list of voters for a Canvasser to contact. We train each Canvasser on the process and provide scripts and materials as needed.


Phone banker

Calling voters is another good way to reach out before an election. We call voters to talk to them about Democratic candidates and to remind them to get out and vote. Data Managers provide a list of voters for Phone Bankers to contact. We train each Phone Banker on the process and provide scripts and materials as needed.


Data Manager

The Data Manager is responsible for creating contact lists for canvasses and phone banks, ensuring prompt data entry, and training volunteers to enter data.


Hospitality Hosts

We at the EADC believe it is essential for volunteers to feel welcome and supported. One way to do that is to provide good food as well as warm and refreshing beverages. Hospitality Hosts coordinate with other volunteers to ensure there are a range of things to eat and drink and also to keep the area clean and inviting.



Each canvass and phone bank requires a Captain to keep the event organized and on-track with the proper materials and an encouraging attitude. An event Captain coordinates with the Data Manager and Hospitality Hosts as well as with volunteers who have signed up to help. We have experienced Captains who are willing to help those who are interested in taking on this role.


Committee Person

Anyone who has volunteered to help register voters or to get out the vote should consider being a Democratic Committee Person. Every four years, in the primary of the year of the gubernatorial election, people have an opportunity to run for Democratic Committee Person in his/her voting ward. Two committee persons, one male and one female, are elected in each voting ward. There is a re-organization meeting to elect a City/County Chair and Vice-Chair and other committee positions after the primary. It is the responsibility of the Democratic Committee Person to inform and engage the voters in their voting ward. Committee Persons are also appointed to vacant voting wards throughout the 4-year term. Please contact us if you are interested in filling a vacancy or running in the next election cycle.